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World Series champs lose big to DOL, fork over $545K

You’d think an organization doling out multi-million dollar contracts to its stars wouldn’t have any problems paying its rank-and-file staffers minimum wage, but a DOL investigation found that to be one of the problems among a number of violations in the world champion San Francisco Giants’ pay practices.

According to a DOL investigation, the Giants violated minimum wage, overtime and record-keeping laws over a three-year period.

A total of 74 clubhouse and administrative workers were allegedly working more hours than the Giants recorded — and only receiving a flat pay rate that ended up being less than the federal minimum wage of $7.25 per hour.

In addition, the DOL accused the Giants of not paying those employees any overtime.

‘Encouraged … but’

In the end, the Giants paid around $545,000 total in back wages and damages to the 74 clubhouse and administrative employees.

And while the director of the San Francisco DOL Wage and Hour division, Susana Blanco said she was “encouraged that the Giants acted to resolve this issue,” she did manage to throw in some cutting criticism of the organization.

“It was disappointing to learn that clubhouse workers providing services to high-paid sports stars weren’t making enough to meet the basic requirement of minimum-wage law,” Blanco said.

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