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Why 1 in 3 workers skip routine medical treatment

Heads up: You may want to make it a point to spend some time reminding employees just how important preventive care is.

Reason: One out of every three people said they put off a routine medical treatment or a routine doctor’s visit because of the cost, according to a study by Hill & Knowlton Strategies, a consulting firm.

Cost concerns

Other highlights from the Hill & Knowlton study:

  • 53% of the study’s participants said cost was the biggest problem facing health care in the U.S.,
  • 45% said they’re worried about paying medical bills in the event of a catastrophic illness or event, and
  • 36% were concerned about paying for their healthcare coverage.

It’s worth noting that the vast majority the study participants do have health insurance. Of those polled by Hill and Knowlton, 85% had public or private health insurance, and 11% were temporarily unemployed.

Since employers have workers’ attention at open enrollment, it’s probably a good idea to spend some time specifically focusing on the importance of preventive care during their presentations.

One thing you’ll definitely want to touch on: Under the health reform, law most preventive services come at no additional out-of-pocket cost to employees.

And catching an illness or chronic condition early will cost much less to treat than putting off medical care and dealing with it later.

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