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W-2 from the devil causes worker to resign

Every year, employers have at least a few issues when it comes to distributing workers’ W-2s. But chances are none of those issues are quite like this.

According to a story in The Tennessean, Walter Slonopas resigned from his job at the Contech Casting company because his W-2 just happened to be stamped with the number 666.

If you’re not well-versed in all things religion, the number on Slonopas’s W-2 is no ordinary number. In fact, 666 has storied history in both the Christian faith (Book of Revelations calls it the “number of the beast”)  and Hollywood (the number is referred to in a slew of movies such as “The Omen” and “The Exorcist”).

Because of his faith, Slonopas felt he had no choice but to resign. As he puts it,  “If you accept that number, you sell your soul to the devil.” As for his former employer, Contech said the number was issued by its payroll provider, and Slonopas’s number was simply based on the order it was mailed to his home.

Not the first time

What are the odds something like this would happen to someone like Slonopas? Apparently, pretty good. In fact, this wasn’t the first time he was given then number of the beast at Contech.

The first time was around a decade ago.

When he complained to HR, the number was changed to 668.

Then, the company changed their time clock system back in 2011, and Slonopas was again given the dreaded triple sixes, so he resigned. Luckily, the understanding company changed his number again, and Slonopas returned to work several days later.

But it looks like this time he’s leaving for good.



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