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Travel benefits: Top 5 most expensed restaurants

Which food chains do you think appear most on employee expense reports? Think it over for a minute …

Here are the top five, according to a report released by travel and expense management company Certify:

  1. Starbucks (the average bill size was $7.54)
  2. McDonald’s ($6.73)
  3. Subway ($11.88)
  4. Panera Bread ($19)
  5. Burger King ($8.45)

Notice a trend? They’re all fast food chains.

And that leads to another question: Why is fast food so popular among business travelers?

Some hypotheses:

  • They want to eat on the go.
  • Long work hours make the thought of getting a quick meal — thus increasing their free time — more appealing.
  • Fast food chains tend to be open earlier and stay open longer, catering to the early hours and late nights put in by business travelers.
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