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Top 10 office perks workers want now

Looking to add some new perks to bolster morale? Or do you want to get a feel for the factors that are most critical to employees’ job satisfaction? Either way, the findings in a recent study should give you some key insight.

CareerBuilder recently polled more than 3,900 full-time U.S. employees to find out which job factors and perks are most important to them now, and we’ve got some of the highlights for you.

Most sought-after perks

The CareerBuilder study found that 26% of workers said providing special perks is an effective way to improve employee retention. That’s good info to have when you consider 32% of companies reported losing top performers in 2012, and another 39% of firms are concerned they’ll lose workers this year.

Of course, all office perks aren’t created equal. So what do workers want now?

When CareerBuilder asked workers to identify one special perk that would make their workplace more satisfying, the top response was early dismissals — cited by 40% of respondents.

Here’s the breakdown of the other perks that ranked high on the list:

  • On-site fitness center (20%)
  • Ability to wear jeans (18%)
  • Daily catered lunches (17%)
  • Massages (16%)
  • A nap room  (12%)
  • Rides to and from work (12%)
  • A snack cart that comes around the office (8%)
  • Private restroom (7%), and
  • On-site daycare (6%).

Titles: Not what they used to be

The study also highlighted job factors that are most important to workers and confirmed one thing we’ve touched on previously: Titles aren’t all that important to today’s employees.

In fact, more than half (55%) of the study’s respondents said having a certain title isn’t important at all.

It’s no surprise that salary (cited by 88% of workers) is the most important thing to employees, but you may be surprised at some of the other factors on this list, such as:

  • A flexible schedule (59%)
  • Being able to make a difference (48%)
  • Challenging work (35%)
  • The ability to work from home (33%)
  • Academic reimbursement (18%)
  • Having an office (17%), and
  • A company car (14%)

Show them the money

Finally, the study listed what employees felt were the most effective tactics to keep them from jumping ship. The top tactic, which garnered 70% of the vote, was increasing salaries.

Rounding out the top three were offering better benefits (58%) and providing flexible schedules (51%).


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