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The most bizarre (and annoying) work elevator behaviors

To promote workplace wellness, many employers encourage staffers to take the stairs instead of the elevator. Well, here are some additional reasons to avoid the elevator at work.

The folks over at CareerBuilder recently polled more than 3,800 employees in an attempt to find out the most unusual behavior they’ve witnessed on an elevator at work.

Their answers:

  • Changing a baby’s diaper
  • Showing a co-worker a rash and asking for a diagnosis
  • Putting the entire content of one employee’s office (desk included) onto an elevator, and
  • “Pantsing” a co-worker*
  • Fist fighting, and
  • Flossing teeth.

* The Urban Dictionary defines “pantsing” as the act or practice of pulling someone’s pants down.

What drives workers nuts

In addition to determining the most unusual behaviors workers have witnessed, the study also benchmarked the most annoying elevator behaviors people have suffered through.

The most exasperating one: talking on a cell phone. Thirty-five percent of workers said so.

Here’s the rest of the breakdown:

  • Not holding the door open when people are running to get on the elevator (33%)
  • Standing too close when there’s plenty of room in the elevator (32%)
  • Squeezing into an already crowded elevator (32%)
  • Not stepping off the elevator to let other people out (27%)
  • Holding the doors open for an extended period of time while waiting for someone else to get on (26%)
  • Cutting in line to get on when other people were waiting longer (23%)
  • Taking the elevator to go up one or two floors instead of just using the stairs (20%)
  • Pushing the wrong button, so the elevator stops at additional floors (17%), and
  • Facing away from the elevator door (7%).

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