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4 keys to calculating full-time employees under Affordable Care Act

Employers have little time left to nail down just how many full-time employees they have before Obamacare’s employer mandate kicks in. The problem is, the law’s formula is tricky. To help with the math, 15-year benefits compliance vet Sheryl Southwick has some advice for employers. [Read more…]

Breaking down IRS’ final Obamacare reporting forms

The wait is over. Employers now have access to the final versions of the forms they’ll file to show they’re in compliance with the ACA “Shared-Responsibility” mandate. And the sooner they start making sense of these forms, the better. [Read more…]

The Obamacare ‘play-or-pay’ penalty many firms aren’t prepared for


When it comes to Obamacare compliance, most employers are preoccupied with the number of full-time workers they have on staff. But there’s another shared-responsibility factor that has the potential to blindside many firms. [Read more…]

New Obamacare regs: Dependents you no longer have to cover

Delays of the play-or-pay penalties weren’t the only relief to come out of the feds’ final rules on the “shared-responsibility” mandate. [Read more…]

IRS: Obamacare doesn’t require you to offer ‘affordable’ family coverage

After a barrage of guidance, the IRS finally published its proposed regs on the Affordable Care Act’s “Employer Shared Responsibility” provision, along with a practical Q&A with real-life examples for employers. Here’s help making sense of it all. [Read more…]