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Breaking down IRS’ latest round of Obamacare info

IRS, FSA rules, HSA rules

Next year promises to be a busy year for healthcare reform compliance — so the IRS has already begun issuing sample documents and rule changes for employers. Here’s what HR pros need to know. [Read more...]

Key Obamacare deadlines looming: 5 steps to take now


Many employers ask two main questions about health reform: What do I have to do? and When do I have to do it? But these are the wrong questions. [Read more...]

What do contrasting court rulings mean for Obamacare?

Two federal appeals courts just issued contradictory rulings on the Obamacare subsidies, so benefits pros are wondering: What happens now? [Read more...]

Obamacare still a concern, but new fear tops firms’ lists

In the four years since the Affordable Care Act was passed, firms have become increasingly more comfortable with the administrative burdens it piled on. But there’s another employment concern that’s keeping upper management and HR pros up at night. [Read more...]

5 attempts to skirt Obamacare regs that will fail


It’s no secret employers aren’t huge fans of the administrative burden placed on them by the Affordable Care Act. To avoid these burdens, some firms have come up with creative ways to skirt some of the law’s requirements. [Read more...]

The Obamacare ‘play-or-pay’ penalty many firms aren’t prepared for


When it comes to Obamacare compliance, most employers are preoccupied with the number of full-time workers they have on staff. But there’s another shared-responsibility factor that has the potential to blindside many firms. [Read more...]

What the Supreme Court’s latest ruling means for Obamacare

Obamacare ahead

At this point, even the HR pros who are enjoying their summer vacations have at least heard something about yesterday’s Supreme Court ruling on the Affordable Care Act’s contraceptive coverage mandate. But just what does this ruling mean for employers? [Read more...]

2 ways to skirt Obamacare’s ‘Cadillac Tax’

While HR and benefits pros are busy complying with upcoming health reform regs, there’s a good chance upper management has its eyes on something further down the line: [Read more...]

2 hidden Obamacare clarifications in DOL’s new guidance

healthcare reform, obamacare

When the Department of Labor (DOL) provided firms with new model COBRA notices, it also tucked away other key health reform info in that document — info that has been largely overlooked. [Read more...]

2 ways ACA enrollment extension helps employers

When the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) decided to extend the first open enrollment period of the Affordable Care Act marketplace, its intention was to help laid-off workers. But the move has significant benefits for employers as well. [Read more...]