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Has Obamacare made your company’s 401(k) more important?

Much has been said about the Affordable Care Act’s (ACA) impact on employers’ healthcare plans, but that’s not the only benefit that’s being affected. [Read more…]

ACA: Losing your grandfathered status is an administrative nightmare

Employers that have managed to keep their grandfathered status until now may think they’re in the clear from the hassles of the ACA, but a recent DOL investigation is a good reminder that the feds are always watching for a slip-up. [Read more…]

Are employers making good on their ACA threats? Survey says

In response to the controversial Obamacare’s play-or-pay requirement, many employers said they’d opt to go the pay route. New research shows how many firms actually followed through on that claim.  [Read more…]

The ACA provision you don’t have to comply with

With at least 30 individual penalty triggers to worry about, some ACA compliance requirements are bound to take precedence over others. And there’s at least one ACA reg employers shouldn’t really worry about at all. [Read more…]

ACA exchange dropouts lead to goodwill gesture from Obama: Is it enough?

The largest health insurance provider in the country, UnitedHealthCare, has already begun taking steps to remove itself from the ACA exchanges, and it appears other insurers are looking to follow UnitedHealth’s lead. As a result, President Obama has taken some significant steps to avoid an ACA disaster. [Read more…]

Why the largest insurer in the country is ditching the Obamacare exchange

UnitedHealthCare’s statement about leaving the ACA marketplace appears to be more than just an empty threat. Now the question is: Will other insurers follow the lead of the largest insurer in the country? [Read more…]

Making sense of Supreme Court’s unusual ACA move

Just when HR pros were all but certain the Supreme Court was going to issue a split decision in the case centering on the Affordable Care Act’s contraceptive coverage mandate, the High Court surprised everybody by doing something it hasn’t done in well over half a century. [Read more…]

Feds release new out-of-pocket limits: Key ACA implication

HR pros are a group that always tend to be one step ahead of the curve. And the feds just released some key benefits figures that will help them do just that. [Read more…]

Employee handbooks: Overlooked area of Obamacare compliance

HR pros have their hands full making sure summary plan descriptions (SPDs) and other benefits documents are updated to reflect the constantly changing healthcare reform law’s mandates. But for a number of reasons, the employee handbook is often forgotten during the updating process. [Read more…]

Do Obama’s new ‘Cadillac Tax’ changes go far enough?

Consistent criticism about the ACA’s “Cadillac Tax” and its corresponding calculation method has led the Obama administration to do something that was unthinkable just months ago: Propose major changes to the controversial health reform provision. [Read more…]