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What HR needs to know about GOP’s leaked ACA replacement bill

The formal draft of a Republican plan to repeal and replace Obamacare that was leaked to the public is likely to look a lot different when it’s finalized. Still, it gives HR a good indication of what the GOP wants to do. [Read more…]

DOL’s Obamacare audit push continues: 6 must-check areas

The DOL recently added 10,000 new investigators, and has stated it intends to audit every applicable employer. So until the ACA is repealed, employers must prepare for a visit from the feds. [Read more…]

Feds release 2018 ACA out-of-pocket limits

In what could be one of the last ACA actions before the Trump administration begins the wholesale repeal effort, the feds just announced some key changes.  [Read more…]

New Obamacare FAQs: Feds tackle special enrollment, HRAs and more

As HR pros wait on the fate of the Affordable Care Act (ACA), the feds continue to clarify how businesses are supposed to comply with the law’s many provisions. [Read more…]

Obamacare audits: Here’s what triggers an IRS visit

Despite President-elect Trump’s promise to “repeal and replace” the ACA, The IRS’ Obamacare audit phase is well underway.

[Read more…]

Stand-alone HRA bill passed, but does it matter?

While the ultimate fate of the ACA remains uncertain at best, employers may soon be able to use a key compliance strategy that was recently taken away from them. [Read more…]

Trump, GOP take major steps toward Obamacare ‘repeal’

Between a recent GOP announcement and President-elect Trump’s first choice for a major cabinet position, there’s been plenty of signs that efforts to dismantle the controversial Affordable Care Act (ACA) are moving full speed ahead. [Read more…]

Is beer keeping millennials from choosing Obamacare?

The ACA exchanges haven’t been able to attract the younger, healthier individuals (a.k.a., millennials) they had hoped for — and one prominent healthcare CEO seems to think alcohol is playing a major factor. [Read more…]

Has Obamacare made your company’s 401(k) more important?

Much has been said about the Affordable Care Act’s (ACA) impact on employers’ healthcare plans, but that’s not the only benefit that’s being affected. [Read more…]

ACA: Losing your grandfathered status is an administrative nightmare

Employers that have managed to keep their grandfathered status until now may think they’re in the clear from the hassles of the ACA, but a recent DOL investigation is a good reminder that the feds are always watching for a slip-up. [Read more…]