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The common HIPAA violation that could cost you $1.5M

The Department of Health & Human Services’ Office for Civil Rights (OCR) thinks employees are being abused when it comes to confidential information and HIPAA security. The result: OCR is conducting audits like crazy. [Read more…]

Trump, GOP take major steps toward Obamacare ‘repeal’

Between a recent GOP announcement and President-elect Trump’s first choice for a major cabinet position, there’s been plenty of signs that efforts to dismantle the controversial Affordable Care Act (ACA) are moving full speed ahead. [Read more…]

2 health plan changes you may need to make before Jan. 1

When HHS issued the final nondiscrimination regs under Obamacare, many employers mistakenly believed those changes didn’t apply to their plans. [Read more…]

Feds release new out-of-pocket limits: Key ACA implication

HR pros are a group that always tend to be one step ahead of the curve. And the feds just released some key benefits figures that will help them do just that. [Read more…]

Obamacare FAQ covers everything from obesity care to Mental Health Parity

Normally, the agencies responsible for ACA implementation (DOL, HHS and Treasury) focus on one or two topics with the guidance they release. But the feds’ latest FAQ, the 29th edition, covers a wide range of topics. [Read more…]

New Obamacare guidance clarifies new employee-friendly rule

The last time HHS tried to clarify this tricky Obamacare reg, it confused many employers even further. [Read more…]

7 key Obamacare changes the feds snuck in at year-end

If the feds’ latest announcement is any indication of what’s to come, 2015 will be a busy year for Obamacare changes. [Read more…]

HHS hands down important edict for Obamacare plans

Will a legally married same-sex couple be able to buy a family health insurance policy on the federal exchanges if they live in a state that doesn’t recognize same-sex marriage? [Read more…]

Reform law ‘glitch’ to benefit smokers

The hits just keep on coming for Obamacare. Now the feds are saying a glitch in the law may prevent insurers and plan sponsors from being able to charge the full smoking penalty to those who keep lighting up. [Read more…]

Feds issue long-awaited ‘essential health benefits’ rule

The Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) just issued a proposed rule governing the “essential health benefits” mandate under the healthcare reform law. Did it help paint a clearer picture of what those benefits must be? [Read more…]