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The common HIPAA violation that could cost you $1.5M

The Department of Health & Human Services’ Office for Civil Rights (OCR) thinks employees are being abused when it comes to confidential information and HIPAA security. The result: OCR is conducting audits like crazy. [Read more…]

How your peers can land you in an IRS Obamacare audit

There are many, many steps HR pros can take to shield themselves from the upcoming wave of IRS Obamacare audits, but they can’t control what their peers and competitors are doing. [Read more…]

7 major benefits headaches HR faces in 2014

On top of all the normal things that will remain a constant part of HR pros’ job descriptions, 2014 promises to bring its own unique set of headache-inducing issues. But the sooner you prepare for these, the less stress they’re likely to cause. [Read more…]

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