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Report: Wellness reduces health risks 25%, cuts comp claims

For HR and benefits pros who need some help convincing upper management that wellness is a worthwhile investment, these stats may come in handy. 

Wellness programs can cut the health risk factors of employees – factors that often lead to costly chronic conditions – by 25% or more.

And because workers with certain health risk factors are more likely to file workers’ comp claims, these programs have the added benefit of curbing comp claims, too.

5 years of detailed research

That’s the consensus from a recent report by Pinnacol Assurance, which analyzed data from 31,000 people over a five-year period.

Pinnacol’s director of health risk management, Karen Curran, urged employers using its health-risk management program to look at the big picture impact of various wellness initiatives on their companies’ bottom lines and said:

“If you’re not thinking about how the health of your employees is affecting your workers’ compensation, you need to start.”

Employees involved in the study took part in Pinnacol’s health-risk management program and had access to resources like telephone coaching, tobacco-cessation aid and other online help.

The study found that participants in the study:

  • cut smoking rates by 35%
  • reduced cancer risks by 25%
  • slashed depression risks by 25%, and
  • reduced stress risks by 23%.
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