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Obamacare: 74.2% prefer the ‘way things were’

In the 48 hours after the presidential election, HR managers were asked what their thoughts were on Obamacare. Here’s what they had to say.

The exact question posed was: Do you favor healthcare reform, or would you prefer the way things were before reform?

Nearly three-quarters (74.2%) said they preferred the “way things were.”

The was the result of a “quick poll” conducted by Corporate Synergies Group, a benefits consulting firm, in the days following President Obama’s re-election, which virtually ensured that his signature healthcare reform law will remain intact.

Despite the negativity surrounding the law, most HR managers did say they intend to continue offering their employees similar health insurance to what they’re offering now.

But many are also considering cuts: 25.8% said they’re considering reducing the coverage they offer, and 9.7% said they’re thinking about putting employees into the proposed healthcare exchanges.

The last part of the survey dealt with employers’ progress toward implementing the law.

The findings:

  • 64.5% said they’ve been implementing the changes required by the law for several months
  • 16.1% said they “don’t know where to go from here,” and
  • 19.4% said they need to speed up implementation.
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