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Lung Association’s top 5 benefits of quitting smoking

It’s a brand new year and, odds are, you’ve got at least a handful of staffers who have resolved themselves to kick their smoking habit. To keep them from falling off the wagon, you may want to post these American Lung Association (ALA) incentives in your workplace.

More than just good health

In addition to improving your overall health in virtually every possible way (and potentially adding years to your life), the ALA says quitting smoking can:

  1. Make you more attractive. As the ALA points out, “once you quit smoking you will have fresher breath and whiter teeth, making you more appealing for more kisses.” True, there’s no way to guarantee that going smoke-free will actually get you “more kisses,” but fresher breath and whiter teeth should be a pretty strong incentive.
  2. Give you more free time. According to the ALA, it takes the average smoker around five minutes to smoke each cigarette. Now, if you smoke a pack a day, multiply that number by 20 and you’re spending a decent chunk of your day — 1 hour and 40 minutes — smoking. Without smoke breaks, you’ll have plenty of extra time to spend however you see fit.
  3. Increase your invitations to social events. Some people — especially those with younger children — are less likely to invite smokers over to their homes for events, according to the ALA. Unfair? Maybe. However, smokers bring in the carcinogens of their secondhand smoke when they come back inside after a smoke break.
  4. Bolster your sense of taste and smell. Ever talk to people right after they quit smoking? It’s like they’ve just been given their senses of taste and smell back after a very long hiatus. The ability to taste your food again — and be enticed by the aroma of it wafting out of the kitchen — is another powerful reason to quit.
  5. Improve your overall appearance. Smoking does a number on people’s skin, teeth, eyes and even hair — adding wrinkles, age spots, stains and dryness. Smokers who wear contacts also experience red, irritated eyes. Once people quit, they have clear eyes, hydrated skin and an overall healthier-looking appearance.


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