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Lottery ticket exposes worker’s ridiculous lie to HR

Maybe a more generous amount of PTO could’ve prevented this staffer from taking such extreme measures in an attempt to get a “day off from work.”

The worker we’re referring to is Sheila Bailey Eubank, and her story was featured on AOL Jobs last year. Eubank, who worked for Gunn Honda in San Antonio apparently thought she needed some time off — and went about getting it in a very unusual way.

Truth in tapes

Here’s the short version: When police discovered Eubank, she was tied up inside her parked car.

Ms. Eubank explained to officers that she was kidnapped while withdrawing money from an ATM by a man who, at knife point, forced her to drive him around before eventually trying to choke her.

Unfortunately for Ms. Eubank, her story unraveled when the police found a lottery ticket that was purchased during the time she was supposedly being kidnapped by a knife-welding psycho. When the cops checked the ATM surveillance tapes, sure enough, they found no evidence of Eubank’s previous story.

Eubank eventually admitted she made the whole story up just to “get the day off from work,” and was charged with aggravated perjury for her tall tale.

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