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HR Benefits Alert Top 10 stories of 2016

The year may not technically be over just yet, but the results are already in for the most-clicked stories. Here are the 10 most popular posts from 2016: 


1. Employee handbooks: Overlooked area of Obamacare compliance

HR pros have their hands full making sure summary plan descriptions (SPDs) and other benefits documents are updated to reflect the constantly changing healthcare reform law’s mandates. But for a number of reasons, the employee handbook is often forgotten during the updating process. more

2. EEOC offers 4 keys to compliance when FMLA, ADA mix

After the ADA was expanded, courts have consistently ruled that employers must consider offering additional leave as a “reasonable accommodation” for disabled employees after they exhaust their FMLA allotment. Problem is, employers have been given very little guidance as to when and where this accommodation should apply … until now. more

3. The next 401(k)? Why student loan repayment may soon be a standard benefit

Just three percent of employers currently offer student loan repayment benefits. But based on a number of reliable factors, that number may skyrocket in the not so distant future. more

4. The giant mistake 40-50% of your HSA-eligible employees make


5. ACA reporting: New forms, announcements from IRS remind HR pros what’s ahead

6. IRS clarifies key step in Voluntary Correction Program

7. 6 of the most exciting benefits vendors at SHRM 2016

8. A lawsuit that could alter your ACA compliance strategy

As HR pros are busy putting together their ACA compliance strategies for next year, they need to be aware of a pending class-action lawsuit that has the potential to change everything. more

9. IRS: Here’s how to handle the tax treatment of wellness rewards

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