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Is health insurance or pay more essential for grads? New leader after 5 years

For the first time in five years, job-seeking college grads have a new top priority.

And it is … finding an employer that offers annual salary increases.

Since 2007, the National Association of Colleges and Employers have been asking new college graduates what’s atop their needs list when it comes to seeking a job.

And every year the answer has been obtaining health insurance — until this year.

HR experts believe there are two reasons for the shift in thinking, according to a report by Fox Business.

  • Young adults no longer need to worry about obtaining health insurance until age 26 thanks to the health care reform requirement that says employers must extend the offer of health insurance coverage to employees’ dependent children until they hit age 26.
  • The recent economic crisis and high unemployment rates have taught grads the importance of building a strong financial foundation for themselves.
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  • soundinglikemyfather

    Society now gives a cash-based focus to our younger generation, rather than the pro-active planning approach that we had when we were the “younger generation.” We are NOT doing any favors for this generation. Generally speaking, they now want to semi-retire and take part time jobs and work less because they do not have to work full time and forego benefits. The parents have that covered now for much longer…I am not impressed with this generation and all of the reasons they have now NOT to work full time. In fact, they are always looking to extend their college years by going on year-long, tours around the world, back-packing, biking, etc. They grow up so much later these days….and its all because society aids them with many fallback alternatives to work. 50 years from now, our President will be someone who didnt even get a full time job until she/he turned 35 years old! That’s probably how long we will have to keep “dependents” on our healthcare plans. Someday the lazy society that is being created will self destruct. We’ve crafted our own demise with the current structure and it continues to soften.