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FMLA stats to help you feel better – unless you’re in one of these 5 industries

If you thought dealing with FMLA absences was a pain in the backside for you, just be glad you’re not in one of these five industries where FMLA leave is rampant (and for those of you who are, our condolences).

FMLASource, a ComPsych company offering FMLA administration services recently collected data from its customers to determine leave trends by industry.

Warning: You may find some of the findings fairly startling.

Here are the five industries where FMLA leave is most rampant, according to the study:

  1. Casinos (49% of employees take FMLA leave in a year)
  2. Health care (39%)
  3. Government (36%)
  4. Call centers (33%), and
  5. Manufacturing (23%).

For comparison purposes, FMLASource pointed out that only 7% of employees in professional services firms take FMLA leave in a year — one of the lowest industry percentages the study found.

The silver lining for these industries: Employees aren’t taking the full 12-week allotment they’re eligible for.

The average amount of leave taken for employees in each industry:

  1. Casinos (29.5 days)
  2. Health care (28.6 days)
  3. Call centers (27.2 days)
  4. Manufacturing (26.9 days)
  5. Government (23.6 days)
  6. Professional services (12.5 days)

And finally, the study looked at intermittent FMLA leave — the bane of any FMLA administrators existence.

The percentage of leave cases that are intermittent in each industry:

  1. Casinos (58%)
  2. Call centers (51%)
  3. Health care (49%)
  4. Government (41%)
  5. Manufacturing (21%)
  6. Professional services (12%)

Do these numbers resemble in anyway what you’ve experienced at your company?


Source: ComPsych Corp.

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  • LH

    Not surprised by the call center stat. I used to work in a call center on the HR side and saw the number of employees on intermittent FMLA leave. Our workplace used a point system and intermittent FMLA helped “excuse” employees from arriving late. Back pain and migraines were the main culprits.