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Romney or Obama? Who HR pros will vote for — and why

A large poll of HR professionals has revealed they have a clear preference for who’d they’d like to see in the oval office following this year’s presidential election.

It was conducted Oct. 10-15 by our sister site HR Morning, and includes the responses of 1,273 HR pros (an infographic of the results is available here).

Who will benefit HR?

The main question: Whose election will most benefit HR?

Respondents said Gov. Mitt Romney by greater than a 2 to 1 margin — 65% to 23%.

When asked why they feel Romney is better suited to help HR, the primary reasons were:

  • Less government interference
  • Obama’s spending is out of control
  • Romney will abide by the Constitution
  • The Affordable Care Act needs to be changed/repealed, and
  • Romney has a better understanding of how business works.

Support for President Obama was hard to come by in this poll, but those who supported him said it was because:

  • The Affordable Care Act will help businesses and must be kept intact, and
  • He’ll fight for worker rights.

What’s been Obama’s impact?

Question No. 2 asked: What impact has President Obama’s policies had on your job?

  • Largely negative — 42%
  • Slightly negative — 24%
  • Neutral — 13%
  • Largely positive — 9%
  • Slightly positive — 9%, and
  • No impact — 3%.

Some common reasons why?

  • More compliance headaches/paperwork
  • Higher healthcare costs
  • Slow economic growth
  • Growth of National Labor Relations Board
  • Entitlement mentality
  • Healthcare reform is not working, and
  • Reductions in jobs/salaries.

Biggest challenges moving forward?

Question No. 3: What are the most critical issues HR will face during the next administration? (multiple responses were allowed)

  • Complying with healthcare reform — 86%
  • Staying competitive with pay and benefits — 60%
  • Dealing with the National Labor Relations Board — 42%
  • Hiring the best people — 32%
  • FMLA — 19%
  • ADA — 15%, and
  • Bias claims — 9%.

Source: The full results of the survey can be found here.

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  • Jennifer

    I find this very hard to believe, since so many HR Professionals are women, and the Republican platform this year is attempting to obliterate decades worth of progress for women’s rights.