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Boosting flex account enrollment: Try this

Looking for a way to make flex accounts a little more employee friendly?

Here’s a strategy that many employers overlook: Many TPAs offer direct deposit as an FSA reimbursement option, rather than sending checks to participating employees. The choice is up to the participant.

One of our readers from New Berlin, NY reports that simply adding this option for employees increased workers’ satisfaction with the turn-around of reimbursements, and offset a common reason some employees gave for not participating in the benefit.

Several employees who hadn’t enrolled in past years because FSA contributions are deducted from their regular  paychecks were convinced to enroll because reimbursements went straight to their bank accounts, regardless of the amount deducted to date during the plan year.

Typically, TPAs require employees to submit a voided check if the employee wants the money direct deposited to a checking account. If the employee prefers the money go into a savings account, the employee typically has to submit a direct depost form from his or her financial institution.

Two common errors to watch out for:  Some employees make the mistake of submitting a deposit slip rather than a voided check. Administrators typically reject this form of enrollment, thereby delaying enrollment).  In addition, it’s up to the employee to notify the administrator promptly of any account changes or closings.

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