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Jared Bilski

Jared’s writing career began in 2005, when he became an assistant editor for PGA Magazine, a leading trade publication for the golf industry. In 2008, Jared joined Progressive Business Publications (the parent company of PBP Media and HR Benefits Alert), and has covered a number of business areas such as marketing, finance, and HR and benefits, and written several white papers.
For the past three years, Jared has worked exclusively in the HR and Benefits field, as editor-in-chief of the semimonthly print newsletter What’s New in Benefits & Compensation, administrator of Whats News in Benefits and Compensation and, recently, as a contributing editor on the HR Benefits Alert website. Jared graduated from Penn State University where he majored in English. He is also a frequent contributor to a number of humor websites.
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Salary history ban laws on the rise: Is your state affected?

Even though a federal bill aimed at preventing employers from asking job applicants to provide a salary history appears to have stalled, many HR pros may still avoid salary history questions.  [Read more…]

The missing comma that cost this company $10 million

It’s probably safe to assume you can add this company to the list of those who loathe the Oxford comma. [Read more…]

FMLA ruling: Expect double damages to be the norm, not exception

Need another reason to double-check your FMLA processes? If your company winds up guilty of an FMLA violation in court, you’ll most likely have to fork over double damages. [Read more…]

Bill allowing firms to ask for workers’ genetic info passes first hurdle

A new bill would give employers a lot more freedom with their wellness program requests — and essentially override the protections under GINA. [Read more…]

GOP’s Obamacare repeal bill: What gets killed, what survives

HR pros now have a clear picture of what a future without Obamacare could look like. [Read more…]

Trump’s move against ‘excessive regulation’ could make life easier for HR

Tired of the compliance headaches associated with federal regs? President Trump’s latest move will likely come as a welcome relief. [Read more…]

What HR needs to know about GOP’s leaked ACA replacement bill

The formal draft of a Republican plan to repeal and replace Obamacare that was leaked to the public is likely to look a lot different when it’s finalized. Still, it gives HR a good indication of what the GOP wants to do. [Read more…]

One town’s morale booster: Pay workers for sex

If you think getting paid to eat lunch is a nice work perk, wait until you hear about the benefit one Swedish councilman is proposing for municipal workers. [Read more…]

Employee disagreement? 3-part solution for managers

It’s a common workplace scenario: A team is tasked with completing a project. One staffer thinks it should be handled one way, but his co-worker wants to go in another direction. [Read more…]

ACA repeal could take up to 6 years: Will feds enforce the law in the meantime?

In the wake of Trump’s executive order instructing the feds to do whatever was legally necessary to ease the burdens of Obamacare, little has been said about how long such a move will actually take — until now. [Read more…]