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7 powerful tips for your next benefits presentation

You’re trained to be an HR professional, but every year — usually around open enrollment — you’re asked to put on your communicator hat. The onus is then on you to communicate your company’s benefits package to the workforce, and we recognize that some of you may like a little help doing so.

So we present to you seven ways to beef up your next benefits presentation, courtesy of strategic communication advisor Stephanie Scotti, who unveiled these at SmartBlog on Leadership:

1. Turn your nerves into an asset

It has been said that more people are afraid of public speaking than they are of death. That means a lot of you are probably more than a little nervous to stand up in front of your peers and relay important info to them. This leads to nervous ticks like pacing and cracking knuckles, which can distract your audience from your message.

Scotti suggests harnessing that nervous energy and turning it into movements that help engage your audience.

Example: Rather than wringing your hands, make purposeful gestures to the audience to help pull them into what you’re saying.

2. Open with impact

“Good morning. My name is ______, and I’ll be talking to you about … “

Blah. Blah. Blah. BORING!!!

Start with something that will grab the audience’s attention, like: “$15,000 … That’s how much our employees wasted last year by visiting an emergency room when they could’ve gone to a 24-hour clinic or their primary care provider.”

3. Follow up with examples

“Fact-example-fact.” That’s the structure your presentation should take on, according to Scotti.

Make sure you back up facts about your company’s benefits package with specific, true-to-life examples of how employees will benefit from what you’re providing. Then, Scotti says, it’s important to present the fact again in a different way.

Example: “Our insurer’s website will help you find an in-network doctor. Here’s how to do it (then demonstrate). So one way to keep co-pays down is to visit our insurer’s website to make sure your doc is in-network.”

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