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3 things you need to know about one-on-one benefits communication

The most effective way to communicate the ins and outs of your company’s benefits is through one-on-one education.

Proof: A new study found nearly half of workers who gave their firms’ benefits communications a grade of an A or B said one-on-one meetings were an effective tactic. In comparison, just 38% of workers said benefits fairs were useful.

While the prospect of one-on-one meetings can seem overwhelming to HR and benefits pros, keeping three things in mind should make the process run more smoothly, according to Winston Benefits, a voluntary benefits plan provider.

They are:

1. Prepare the right materials

When you’re doing a large-scale benefits presentation, you generally just hand out the materials, and employees look through and use those materials as they see fit.

But with individual sessions, benefits pros have to be prepared to customize those materials in any way an employee requests.

Example: Walking a worker through a tool or calculator in a step-by-step manner.

2. Look to your broker

In many cases, benefits brokers are willing to go on site for one-on-one sessions, and companies should take advantage whenever possible.

Employees will be comfortable knowing there’s an in-house HR or benefits pro there, and a broker’s expertise can really improve workers’ overall understanding.

3. Allot enough time

The point of these meetings is to give employees all the time they need to understand their options and make informed decisions.

Rushing workers through these meetings will ensure the one-on-one education falls flat.

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